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Project horseWays - Connecting Minecraft
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What do you think about the Project horseWays?

Its a great idea! Connecting towns is pretty useful!
Its ok! I could also just walk...
Stupid! This is waste of time, of money and of work! Its useless! I'd rather walk!

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22nd May 2019

Hello everybody!

May I introduce...


We are connecting towns and building roads, which can be driven by horses or minecarts! The road is open for public use, however, griefing, stealing, and other actions which violate the server rules are forbidden.

If a part of a road got griefed or a creeper blew it up, call me.

So, we started working at Oakhearth and Hillenbourg. Both towns are connected with a highway having around 150 blocks Distance. The project is originated to connect a town near the end of a dark oak forest, but as almost all members got banned, we will follow our own plans.

How to participate?

To participate at this project, you need to have a town near the current progress. If you do so, an exit will get added for you - however, if you wish we should continue building the road into your village, you'd need to pay off 1 Diamond per 10 blocks distance.

All participants get exits of the highway.

How does the horseWay work?

The horseway is made out of trillions of concrete blocks and rails. By taking a horse, you can ride down the horseway in about no time. This comes in handy for travelling, especially to different towns thousand times. No more stupid trees in your way or mobs blocking! Our highways always have barriers at the end, to prevent random mobs entering the road.

Rules of Driving on a horseWay

1. No stopping or parking, only if theres a hard shoulder you can stop. Parking is still forbidden!
2. Road rules apply here.
3. Be a lawful citizen and follow the road rules. There will be horseway cops though, to check if everything is OK.
4. No wrong way driving. If you do however, you're not allowed to enter a horseway anymore.
5. Do not leave any horses or other animals which you take on the road.
6. Taking animals on leads isn't allowed, except it is a cat, a dog or another horse.

All in all, have fun driving at a horseWay.

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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